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ScreenCam® The Original Screen Camcorder

Suppose you had a way to easily record virtually anything on your computer screen and turn it into a movie?

Suppose you could easily produce interactive screen movies without being a video wizard or an IT professional?

Suppose you could get your work done more quickly and easily and get home earlier because you could do a pro-quality screen recording in minutes?

ScreenCam is designed just for you.

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Only ScreenCam gives you both simplicity and power in one package. Why get complicated software that has features you don't need or want?

ScreenCam has been designed by asking customers like YOU what you want and need.

* Super ease-of-use, like a camcorder: Get started in seconds with the EZ Control Panel - it works just like a Camcorder - Hitting Stop, Record and Pause are familiar and powerful ways to control ScreenCam's powerful capture engine.

The movie you see below was made in 5 minutes, without reading a single users manual, by a beginner on ScreenCam!

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* High-Performance Recording: It's like an HD camcorder for your PC's screen. Record big screen dimensions with crystal-clear results? You bet, with ScreenCam, you can do it!

* Export to Adobe Flash®: It's the most popular format on the web, and we support it fully. Just a click of a button exports your ScreenCam movie to the Flash format, complete with an html file - just hand the two to your webmaster, and presto- your ScreenCam movie is viewable on the web!

* Powerful editing: ScreenCam gives you interactivity - like pause, jump, even put in a password... easily and quickly.

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ScreenCam®, The Leader in Screen Camcorder Technology

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Jennifer Lee

"We've received questions about other companies claiming to offer ScreenCam®. Let's set the record straight. There is only ONE true ScreenCam®, and that's the one you find right here. The popularity and innovation of ScreenCam® has caused some firms to claim that they are also "Screen-Cam"-type software. Don't be fooled. Look it up in the US Government's Trademark website to see which is the TRUE ScreenCam®. There is only one true ScreenCam, and it's right here and no where else. Click here to find out for yourself. Be sure to get the one and only ScreenCam® from SmartGuyz, Inc."


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