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ScreenCam, Screen Cam, Windows Screen Recorder, Desktop Capture | The First Screen Camcorder in the World
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ScreenCam is the ONLY windows screen recorder that gives you power without bloat, strength without compromise, and award-winning ease of use all in one package.


Get what counts. Get what you want. Skip the bloat.

You see it everywhere. Software loaded with features you don’t really need or want. Why do they do that? Software companies want you to pay more for their products, so they make the software HUGE. Result? Slow, sluggish, expensive BLOATWARE.

So ScreenCam takes a different approach. Your told us what you find really find important and essential in a ScreenCam program…

Everything that you said is really important to you is included, such as

The ability to draw and annotate your movie
Make the movie interactive with Adobe Flash controls
And to export to popular formats and venues like YouTube, QuickTime, and Flash.

“Only ScreenCam clarifies, giving me exactly what I need without junk I don’t care about.”


Make it powerful. Make it fast. Make it useful.

The other thing you see are inexpensive, lightweight software. Problem is, they don’t have the strength or power to do a professional job when you need it. We call them ‘dinghy-ware’, small utilities that are cheap and incomplete!

You told us that functions you use frequently need to be robust and strong… and that windows screen capture programs don’t do a good enough job with those functions you DO use.

That’s why you’ll find ScreenCam has

The world’s fastest capture engine
The most powerful compact editor around
 The strongest compression algorithms.

Nothing is held back.

“I love how ScreenCam’s functions are really amplified – Every single function is powerful and polished”

Make it elegant. Make it easy. Make it intuitive.

A program is no good unless you can figure out how to use it. Unfortunately, most programs are hard to learn, hard to use… we call them confusion-ware.

When we asked you, every single person said they wanted a program that’s easy to understand and easy to use.

ScreenCam knows that just slapping buttons and icons everywhere doesn’t make things better. You want something intuitive and easy to use.

Customers constantly tell us that they choose ScreenCam because they can get going immediately and get useful things done without spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to use the program.

“I checked out all the other programs, and ScreenCam was by-far the easiest to understand and use. I love it!” 

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